Cape Verde inclusive packages

The Republic of Cape Verde, an island country, covers an island chain of 15 islands located in the central Atlantic. It sits 570 km off Western Africa. The island’s area is approximately 4,000 sq. km. They are of volcanic origin. Three are sandy, flat, and dry but the remaining ones are rocky. Rainfall is infrequent. The name derives from Cap Vert, on the Senegalese coast.

The islands’ estimated population is approximately 530,000. The capital, Praia, accounts for a quarter of this. Cape Verde has been a developing nation since 2007.

Many migrated to Europe, the Americas, and other African countries during the tough economic conditions following independence. So many left the country that there are more citizens living abroad than in the country itself. Money being sent from citizens abroad has strengthened the economy. The economy is focuses on tourism and foreign investment.

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